Circular Economy

The Circular Economy challenge is to foster processes based on closed cycles which reduce raw material needs and waste materials.

PMMA is a common waste material; GRPD’s strategy is to manage this by creating a valuable product through depolymerization. Given the complexity of this problem, we invested in an innovative process known as “R3” which makes it possible to recover the main organic substance that PMMA contains: its MMA monomer.

R3: Organic substance recovery that are not used as solvents.


Collaborate with us and the environment! We are certified:

  •  Autorización Instalación de Gestor de Residuos No Peligrosos AR/GNPA-313
  • Autorización Valorización Gestor de Residuos No Peligrosos AR/GNPO-237

“3R” Reduce  Recycle  Reuse

with our process